"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."



The vision of FAD can be divided into 4 parts.

1. Vision on football

  • We use a specific way of looking at football. We look to the game by applying general football rules. Because of these rules teams play top level or not.

 “What makes FC Barcelona play more beautiful football  than other teams ?”

“Why is Bayern Munich so successful compared to other teams ? ”

“What makes AFC AJAX always to produce good players ?"

Answer: These teams apply the general soccer rules and combine that with a clear philosophy and strategy  on  scouting, coaching, development and organization.

2. Vision on coaching

Process before Result.

  • Club/Country  before the team, team before the individual.
  • A positive relation between coach and player is essential.
  • Behavior is # 1, Individual development # 2, Natural position #3, Systems and tactics #4,
  • Coaching is helping players to explore, not telling them what to do.
  • For good coaching you have to learn to love the game and learn  to love people.


3. Vision on development and organization

Learning proceeds of Unconsciously-Unable to Consciously-Unable followed by  Consciously-Experienced and finally to Unconscious-Experienced

 The logo of FAD symbolizes this process.

                                     Unconscious-Unable  Conscious-Unable  Conscious-Experienced  Unconscious-Experienced


  • Coaching process according to Paul Hersey’s situational leadership style.
  • Train TIPS ( Technique,Insight, Personality, Speed) in the right context and do the right things at the right age.
  • Start with  the end result in mind.
  • Scouting and recruiting the right coaches is top priority.
  • Facilities are of secondary importance, the best athletes of Russia or China are often trained in poor facilities. It is more about using the right methods and knowing how to apply them.


4. Vision on goalkeeping

  • Goalkeeper is one of the 11 players, only with different clothes and with different rules.
  • Train a goalkeeper in game specific situations.
  • Train communication and decision making.
  • A goalkeeper coach should be an assistant coach specialized in goalkeeping.