"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."

Who we are


Football Academy Development Consultancy


FAD is a football consultancy company, founded in October 2014. Using tested methods, FAD’s professional staff helps football clubs and football associations by Scanning their academies and then implementing changes through their unique Modules.

FAD believes that there is no need to overhaul your club’s or association’s youth academy completely. Rather, FAD trains the current staff along new guidelines. This way, changes can be anchored within the club.

Combining knowledge of Dutch football in general and more specifically the Ajax-philosophy, FAD’s goal is to help football development worldwide.

FAD employs a staff of highly educated professionals. Each and every one of FAD’s staff members has proved his worth in business in the Netherlands and China. To supplement the football knowhow of its founder Edmond Claus, FAD also employs carefully selected football experts.  You can read more about them on the Partner page.


Founder/Managing Director

Edmond Claus

Although FAD’s Edmond Claus has obtained his 1st degree in PE, UEFA-C, UEFA-B, UEFA-A as well as his UEFA-PRO license, he developed most of his expert knowledge on football, goalkeeping and youth development through years and years of professional experience, as a player and as a coach.

In 2000, Edmond worked in South Africa as Head of Youth Development for Ajax’s satellite club Ajax Cape Town. Together with a small team, Edmond set up Ajax Cape Town’s youth academy from scratch.

From 2004 until 2009, Edmond worked as Head of Youth Development at HFC Haarlem, another one of Ajax’s satellite clubs. At the time, HFC Haarlem functioned as a feeder club to Ajax, as well as a safety net for dropouts from the Ajax academy.

In January 2010 Edmond was asked to return to the Ajax academy to become the under 16 team’s coach, as well as Assistant to the Head of Youth Development Jan Olde Riekerink.

In 2011, Edmond left the Ajax academy. Together with Jan Olde Riekerink, he moved to China, where he worked as Assistant Coach for the Chinese national men’s youth team and as an advisor on youth development and goalkeeping to the Chinese football association.

Now, his expert knowledge is also available to your football club’s academy.


Strategic Advisor

Sander Claus 

Sander has been active in B2B development and the field of direct and interactive marketing, customer loyalty and CRM for over 25 years.

He is a self-made business man with a wealth of experience in setting up and changing organizations and companies.

As a strategic consultant, he is invaluable to our company. His analytical skills and look at a company from the perspective of the customer and client helps FAD to be a reliable partner who analyze the needs of the customer in order to bring effective improvements

Sander has worked for major clients such as: Vendex,  Airmiles, Nissan, ING, Delta Lloyd, Disneyland Paris, Nivea and Multinational Unilever Heart Fire.

Together with Theo van der Steen, Sander founded “Underlined” in 2011. With this company, Sander  focused on the integration of Customer Loyalty and Social CRM.  


Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Beijing 1421 Business Consultancy

Business advisor and consultant to FAD

Peter Pronk

As a pragmatic, commercial, hands-on manager and consultant, Peter gained his experience in the food processing industry, renewable energy sector (i.e. wind power) and many more fields of business. As  an independent entrepreneur, Peter is very familiar with establishing business ventures and is particularly competent at structuring an organization, marketing, and administration. He has often visited China over the past 19 years and has built a relationship between a Dutch wind turbine company and a Chinese state-owned company. He has been living and working in China since 2008.

Peter Pronk´s company 14211 offers FAD the perfect platform to do business in China. His team of financial and legal advisers stands by to help our company to find our way in China´s business ruling and policies.


Communications and Marketing Strategy

Huang Ye (Sophia)

Ye has a passion for executing marketing strategies  and creating convincing communication messages. She is experienced in Cross Cultural Communication and holds a master’s degree in Persuasive Communication from the University of Amsterdam. Ye was born and raised in Beijing, and is therefore invaluable to our company’s activities in China. Ye offers us  inside knowledge and directions how to help the staff of  football clubs, especially in China. Meanwhile she safeguards our understanding of different- and particularly Chinese cultural- and social backgrounds.