"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."

Corporate presentations

TNC Corporate presentation

“Edmond Claus, Speaker for your event, seminar, club- or society activity”


Are you are looking for a speaker who uses football as a tool to address issues as teambuilding, performance management and group processes?

Football as sport number 1 in the world is an inspiring topic for a lot of people. It is the right podium to talk about issues that matter in sport and in organizations. Ultimately it is about policy, processes, communication and performance.

In this regard, football and business have a lot of similarities. We will address the similarities and differences and give people a new angle to look at this.

We will speak in an inspirational and fascinating way with a flavor of humor.

Topics to be determined in consultation. Often there will a  conversation by phone, Skype or face to face in order to manage expectations and to fully connect to the needs of our customers.

Presentation topics which have proven to be successful and appealing:


“How to build a Dream Team ”

Team building processes and communication processes are essential in team sports.  Because of our experience and our clear vision on this subject we are able to give you tools from practice examples to work on these topics. We explain how group processes, behavior and communication work within a team. 

We use the ‘Dutch school’ Total Football principles the Dutch and Ajax used to conquere the world of football in the early seventies. We underpin our vision on soccer by using practice examples and image material.

"The secret of the Ajax Academy"

The Ajax Academy is world famous and continues to produce top talents. After working for the club during a seventeen year period as a player and employee in many different coach- and management functions, Edmond Claus knows the ins and outs of the philosophy and method of this club. The result is a fascinating presentation about these talents from a small prosperous country.With this presentation we make a link to the  corporate businesses. We discuss the process of making policy, concerning mission/vision/goals/behavior and creating the right conditions to perform inside Ajax. Ultimately we will copy this to a business organization.We underpin our vision on soccer by using practice examples and image material.




" Talent is born everywhere but will not come to fruition everywhere"

Socio-demographic and cultural factors largely determine your success. We look to sports as an example. For example: the month of birth effect and other laws relating to the budding talent have a huge effect on our opinion about quality or talented people. Eventually, we draw a conclusion regarding talent identification and talent development. For anyone committed to talent development, this is a fascinating speech.



"You can not change a foreign culture, a foreign culture changes you"

Would you like to give your audience a glimpse into the football and youth development programs, particularly in countries such as China, South Africa or the USA ?

We can provide this glimpse.  We give presentations about  the cultural, demographic and economic differences between those countries and the Dutch soccer vision and method.  We highlight these topics with clear examples drawn from our own experience.