"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."

Soccer presentations


“Edmond Claus, Speaker for your event, seminar, club- or society activity”


Are you looking for a speaker who has a lot of experience in football and can speak in an inspirational and fascinating way? Then contact us.

Because of our years of experience in many different areas in football coaching and football management around the world, we have a wealth of topics that we can deliver to your event, seminar, club- or association activity. We will contribute in a fascinating and instructive manner.

Topics to be determined in consultation. In order to manage expectations and to fully connect to the needs of our customers, we will often have a conversation by phone, Skype or face to face in advance.


Presentation topics which have proven to be successful and appealing:


 "The secret of the Ajax Academy"

The Ajax Academy is world famous. It regularly produces top talents. Because of his 17-year stay at the club as a player and employee in many different coach- and management functions, Edmond Claus knows the ins and outs of the philosophy and method of this club. As a result, he is able to give a fascinating presentation about the talents from this small but prosperous country.

 "Football substantive discussion about the Dutch philosophy"

Since the early seventies, Dutch football is known for its 1-4-3-3 formation as the basis for the "total football" concept. By means of  image material we give a practice-oriented presentation about this way of playing and the pros and cons of this concept. We highlight the different roles of the individuals in the 1-4-3-3, the tasks per line and the tactical solutions during build up and attack, how to press and how to defend. We will show you how we implement these elements against different formations and playing styles. If desired, we can zoom in on a specific age group. A great presentation for coaches at all levels.

"Team success is a journey

Team building processes and communication processes are essential in team sports. From our years of experience and our clear vision on this subject we can give you tools from and examples to work with on these topics. We explain how group processes, behavior and communication within a team works.  In the framework of the tactical  teambuilding process we discuss our vision on football. We underpin our vision on soccer by using practice examples and image material.

"One of the eleven but still so lonely"

Keepers scouting, coaching and training still remains a backwater in football development programs. This is certainly the case outside Europe.  This often has to do with a lack of proper vision. Because of his years of experience in training top goalkeepers at AFC Ajax and Ajax Cape Town, such as Maarten Stekelenburg, Kenneth Vermeer, Moneeb Josephs and Calvin Marlin, Edmond Claus can show you where you should put your priorities in the field of goalkeepers development.

"Talent is born everywhere but will not come to fruition everywhere"

Social-Demographic and Cultural factors largely determine your success. We look at the month of birth effect and other laws relating to the budding of talent. Eventually, we draw a conclusion regarding talent identification and talent development. A fascinating speech for anyone committed to talent development.

"You do not change a foreign country, but a foreign country changes you "

Would you like to give your audience a glimpse into the football and youth development programs, particularly in countries such as China, South Africa or the USA ?

We give presentations about  the cultural, demographic and economic differences between those countries and the Dutch soccer vision and method.

“The pilot flies the plane”

This presentation will inform you on how to build a youth academy and what role and position the head of youth in a soccer club has during this process. We zoom in on the field of force around a youth academy and how the management has to find his way in making policy and creating progress.

For every club who likes to lift his academy to the next level this is an essential presentation.

"A unique perspective on football"

Why has Barcelona been so much fun to watch in recent years?  What makes Bayern Munich as effective and successful? How is it possible that Ajax achieves good results with a relatively young team?

Answers to these questions are hidden in the application and implementation of football’s general applicable laws.

We distinguish ourselves by having a unique perspective on analyzing football and the application of these football laws. In this presentation we will present these laws of football to you  through examples and images. I assure you that after this presentation you will appreciate and look at football in a different way.