"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."



Do you want your business or coaching team to become closer ?
Do you want your company or team coach to raise awareness of the importance of a team?
Then these workshops provide a solution.
We provide a full day or half day workshops based on football and coaching.

For one moment, you become the head coach of a team. You have to select and build the ideal team. Obviously you need to formulate all factors as mission, vision and goals before you actually get to work.


During the workshop we look at the development of team processes and ways of communication within a team.
These workshops can be combined with a practice session in which your staff actively participates as a player and undergoes the team tactical team building process.

After this workshop and / or practice session, your staff will have a better understanding of the importance of a team.  Why a team works better when team interest prevails above individual interest. What is needed within a team to create creativity and proactivity.

Customer proposals are welcome. We strive to deliver an unique and tailor-made product for your club or organization.