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Throughout the years, FAD has built lasting relationships with various highly respected companies in the field of sports. FAD gives these companies and their products full endorsement.

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FAD would like to thank their partners for believing in our work and supporting the following values:

Sustained development.

Investment in young talent.

From quantity to quality.

Working together for a better football future.

Structural support of youth sport.

Professionalism in everything one does.

Excellent Football Products


SoccerLAB is a centralized system to support the complete technical staff within a football club or federation. It combines several software applications (server and client), hardware and professional services in one solution.SoccerLAB is mainly build out of web applications. This means the system is accessible from any browser on a Windows or Apple machine without installing complex applications. Some desktop applications full fill… View More

Excellence in Vision and Philosophy

Football Agencies

Extra Time Football Consulting

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Beijing 1421 Business Consulting

Beijing 1421 Business Consulting company specialezed in trading between Netherlands and… View More

Freelance Football Experts

Oscar Alkemade

                                                                  Name;Date of birth;Nationality;Marital… View More