"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."

What we do

Most consultancies advise their clients about problems, only to let them take care of the actual solutions themselves. In that regard, Football Academy Development (FAD) is not a normal consultancy. FAD does more than advise. Working around the clock, FAD guides clients towards improvement.

To clarify this complex process, FAD’s method implements two different stages. During the first stage, a Quick Scan or a longer, more intensive Deep Scan will be performed. These scans, which consist of rounds of interviews with key people within the organization, observations and other methods of assessment, will provide clients with an objective analyses of the current level of their youth academies, as well as pinpoint areas for short, medium and long term improvement.

During the second stage, FAD will help you and your academy implement the envisioned improvements. While doing this, FAD will respect the (football-)culture of your football club or association, and if required make use of currently employed staff.

During this stage, so called Mile Stones will be constituted. Mile Stones are moments in the envisioned process of improvement where stakeholders (managers, directors, chairmen) give their OK before the next phase starts. This way, everyone involved can be sure objectives and results are at all times matched. Using these methods, FAD will ensure improvement of your academy while keeping things transparent and matched to your club’s or association’s needs and requirements.

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