"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."

Justification of Football academies


"Creating succesful and profitable football academies will help football clubs and associations to get success and create structural financial health."


When Ajax gave Louis van Gaal the assignment to investigate the results of 15 years of youth-education, it became evident that Ajax has one of the most successful youth-education systems in the world, financially aswell as technically. The secret is hidden in the philosophy how the football academy is run.

The most important aspect why every professional football club is working on developing their own football Academy, is to creating continuity in the long run through focusing on talent development. Especially then a club has a good chance to get financially healthy and on top of that being able to achieve sportive success. The youth Academies of Sporting Club de Portugal, Santos FC, FC Barcelona and AFC Ajax are a prime example.

One of the core-competencies of FAD is the development of top talents, because besides the innate talent of footballers and goalkeepers, there is plenty of personal attention and advice needed to grow to where every young football player is dreaming of. There is policy and understanding needed to develop young players up to a level where they can be transferred at a high fee. This is necessary to ensure the continuity of the youth-academy and club. Therefore, there is a main task for the technical team within the club whose responsibility is to groom youthful talent into the next generation top players. FAD supports and accompanies coaches and managers with appropriate advice, naming bottlenecks, giving practical solutions and making the progress measurable. Success has many fathers, but no youth, no future.

That Edmond knows what he's talking about is shown by the successes he has achieved in his long career. He was closely involved in the development of one of the best football academies in the world: the Ajax Football Academy. The successes of this academy are recognized worldwide as Dutch display of craftsmanship in the area of talent development. This shows every time when the Dutch national football team distinguish itself on the worldstage of football.

FAD enables the development of a successful youth academy in the tradition of the Ajax football academy accessible for every football organization that with his youth-education program  wants to safeguard the continuity of the club and the financial basis for the future.

Edmond Claus: "Of course the “Bosman ruling” still plays an important role, but even more the changing rules on ' financial fair play ' and ' home-grown players ' is educating and developing  your own talent for each club of the utmost strategic importance. Clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, Feyenoord Rotterdam, Olympique Lyonnais, Manchester City etc. have invested heavily in their youth academies."

"You see that clubs recognize the need for a good youth academy, but because of the lack of applied knowledge and the prospect of a major financial boost, a lot of opportunities remain unexploited. This challenged me to use the knowledge that I gained while coaching, training and scouting top footballers by assisting football academies all around the world. The FAD-method arose. This method offers clubs and associations ways to improve their football academies demonstrably in an affordable way. "

The success behind the FAD approach is based on the successful international career of Edmond. His clear vision is captured in clear concepts for each of the following football areas: technics & tactics, soccer & goalkeeping, coaching & training, policy & organization, development & innovation.

"Where other consultancy- or organization & advice companies only will inventory the damage, we help to repair it, and prevent damage in the future but above all, we will develop the device in a way that it achieves a higher return in the long-term."

Edmond: "We train and guide the current staff of the club during the process of change. Eventually the current staff can work within the new vision. This is the long term effect of the changes and the guaranty of the return on investment." 

FAD provides expert advice and coaching to the entire technical organization.

The final result: a club that has financial and sporty returns through a flourishing youth academy, now and in the future. Please feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you!

 “The Youth is the Future”