"How to make your football academy successful and profitable."



In order to implement its vision on football, coaching, development, organization and goalkeeping in a clear and transparant way, FAD makes use of the following four modules:

1.      Telling 

During the first module, FAD will lay the foundations for a constructive implementation of its vision by acting on the most urgent results of the Quick Scan or Deep Scan. The work done during this module will be intensive. The club’s or association’s staff will need to be educated and informed. Therefore, this module is associated with ‘telling’.

2.      Selling

During the second module, FAD will guard the changes made during the first module and work on convincing involved parties (staff, etc.) of the long term advantages of implementing FAD’s vision. By doing this, the new ideas and strategies will be anchored in the organization. Furthermore, FAD will work on improving the more detailed, complex parts of the structure of your club’s or associaton’s youth academy.

3.      Participating

This module will be initiated during the second year. It will be dedicated to ‘participation’: more responsibility will be delegated to the club’s or association’s staff.

4.      Delegating

This module will be initiated during the third year. FAD will focus on finetuning the setup of the youth academy while implementing innovations and slowly but steadily handing over (‘delegating’) total responsibility to the club’s or association’s staff.

FAD’s module based method is based on Paul Hersey’s model of situational leadership illustrated in the following graph:

To learn more about the exact content of these modules, visit the Modules section of this website.